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Jesse Dean

Slime archetype

What is the distinction between stories and the human mind? Could stories be consciousness itself? These are the questions that eventually became Slime Archetype. Back in 2012 Pacific Northwest artist Jessie Dean was serving time in prison. Those years were spent ingesting books and refining his unique style of visual storytelling.

The characters or archetypes that populate Jessie's work are individuals, while at the same time they are a superorganism of human psychology-made gods. The archetypes simultaneously display forgiveness as well as cruelty, hope as well as apathy, and a deep sadness as the subtext to great joy. The connections they conjure are locked deep within us and often expressed slightly out of focus as a memory or pop cultural reference, one that once brought great meaning to the viewer.

Over the last year, Slime Archetype has been gaining fans and collectors from all over the world. The project's primary focus is on illustration as expressed through toys as a means to remove the normal assumptions from the sculpting medium and to draw people physically as well as psychologically closer to the work.

The toys are made in ultra limited batches of hand cast resin and are hand painted, or are one of a kind sculptures.